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Dennis Williams

Please remember:  check size!!!  1/4 inch will be more pricy that 3/8ths.  Could be as much as .05 each. I buy by the 1000. That can be costly. All I do is cut it down with a crimping tool.

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This topic has come up before. I wanted to add to the information we've already developed. A number of on-line sellers, such as Fastenal, Bolt Depot, Microfasteners, Grainger and others, all sell the kinds of screws we use at prices for a box of 100 screws which are similar to the Walther price for a package of 10 or 12 screws. Simplest way to find these vendors is to Google something like "machine screws 2-56 x 1/4" or whatever size you want, and the names will come right up. For some sizes, you will even find that Google returns Amazon as a seller. I've just bought a couple more boxes of 100 each, not because I'm likely to ever use them all, but because using only ten of them already puts me ahead of Walthers.
So next time you need screws, don't yield to that impulse at the hobby shop. Buy 'em in bulk.

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