Re: What Kind Of Car Is This?


Bob Witt wrote:

Douglas Harding wrote: excerpt

Other cars in the background are wood truss rod cars, mostly gons,
1900's. The Kanawha and Michigan Railroad was a West Virginia & Ohio
that was purchased by the C&O in 1920, then became part of the NYC
The photo may have been taken at coal cleaning or washing facility

A very interesting photo and "tank car".

FWIW, it looks like a car shop to me. Both the gondolas in the middle
ground have raw unpainted wood side sills. I am not sure why the
of the gondolas are already painted and stenciled. Also men appear to
unloading wood in the background.
I finally found the photo and the caption. It was taken at the Ralston
Steel Car plant. The caption is below.

" A view of the track work on the east end of the new Punch, Shear
Fitting and Erection shop. The train with the Kanawha and Michigan RR
and T&OC RR freight cars is on the PRR/B&O RR tracks. The Kanawha and
Michigan RR, Toledo and Ohio Central RR and Hocking Valley RR were all
big customers of Ralston Steel Car gondolas. The photo is estimated to
be from 1907-1909 period. The camera is pointing southwest."

The information still doesn't identify these "tank cars".

Bob Witt

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