Re: What Kind Of Car Is This?

Richard Hendrickson

On Jun 20, 2013, at 7:04 PM, James McDonald <james@...> wrote:

Dear Bob,

I believe that these might be soda ash cars built in 1909 by Ralston
Steel Car Co. for The Solvay Process Co. That same website has some
other photos showing what look to be the same type of car:
I was about to weigh in on this subject, as the speculation about box-tank cars, pickle cases, etc. struck me as too clever by half, and say that the cars appeared to be early covered hoppers when James produced the evidence that they were exactly that.

What the purpose of the T wrench is, I am not sure. Seems an odd way to
get at the unloading mechanism.
On the contrary, a worm and gear mechanism operated from the roof of the car would have been an efficient and reliable way to open and close the drop bottom doors.

Richard Hendrickson

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