Re: Instead of Screws for Coupler Pockets

Mark Vinski

I like to use flat head slotted or phillips screws and counter sink the coupler box cover. Unless you turn the model upside down nothing shows.

Mark Vinski

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A while back, I bought a New Haven FL-9 and EP-5 from Mark Castigliano of New Haven Terminal/Branford Hobbies. The coupler pockets are held in by 2-56 hex head screws. Since nothing else on the model railroad uses hex head screws, and thus an additional tool is required for these models, I asked Mark about it.
Mark points out two benefits of hex head screws over traditional blade or Phillips screws:
1) You can put the hex head screw on the hex wrench and thus install it one-handed, handy if the other hand is busy, and
2) The hex wrench is less likely to mar a newly custom painted model than a screwdriver.
...3) The hex head looks vaguely mechanical, and is easier on the eye than a giant slotted screw head.

I happen to like socket head cap screws (available down to 0-80 size)for the same reasons, from the side it just presents a nondescript cylindrical shape. They also will stay on the end of the hex key while inserting, and have the added advantage that the hex key never touches the model, as it is retained by the socket in the screw head. The little formed hex socket wrenches can wear a ring in the paint around the hex head if care isn't taken.


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