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Charlie Duckworth

I've contacted a friend of mine who was a Mopac agent in the 1950's as to LCL billing. I think the cars were billed on a movement waybill agent to agent and then individual freight bills were issued for the individual LCL shipments. As to 'stopover cars' you are right the car would be billed to the ultimate destination but the waybill had a section for 'stop this cat at' for part unloads. After the car reached the intermediate point the agent would issue a corrected waybill with the next stop over or ultimate destination and consignee.

There's a great reference book titled 'the Station Agent's Blue Book ' that covers the waybilling, accounting, tickets, etc for the STMFC era. It was published by ' the Order of Railroad Telegraphers'. Mine copy is dated 1958. Makes great reading if you have any trouble sleeping at night.....

Will pass along the LCL information when I get it.

Charlie Duckworth

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Charlie Duckworth wrote:
You did a great job on capturing the details on handling the waybill process from the signing of the BoLing to distribution of the multipart waybill. I worked in the Mopac's stations starting in 1975 and was around the waybill process until I retired from UP in 2012. On my own Bagnell Branch local I've added an LCL waybill for the crew to load live chicks at one of the depots and since its summer I have a load of company material ice in an old ART reefer for the section gangs to get during operating sessions. I came across the ice operations from a letter from the MP superintendent to the agents cutting off the ice car in the late 1950's and advising the agent to purchase the ice from local sources.
Thanks, Charlie, but of course the excellent summary is from Harry Dolan, not me. I have not yet used LCL waybills, but do have some "Stop This Car" waybills, which as I understand it were used for partial load deliveries, all from one shipper, so not LCL in the normal sense. Any clarification would be welcome.

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