PFE 1950s Ice Reefer Decals

Dick Harley

After more years of procrastination than I knew I was capable, the totally revised Microscale decal sets 87-501 (HO scale) and 60-501 (N scale) are now available (I have one in my hand). These decals are for 40ft wood or steel PFE ice reefers painted between June 1950 and April 1960. The set contains two identical sheets, has lettering for at least six cars, has capy. and dimen. data for 16 different classes, and has plenty of extras to improve pre-painted factory lettering.
Order through your local shop or directly from Microscale's website:

This set was completely redrawn from scratch using PFE, UP and SP drawings for the medallions and all the lettering shapes and sizes. Then, all lettering was compared to a multitude of photos do be sure everything was scale size and spacing. It was during that photo comparison process when I discovered that there were two versions of the 45-inch black & white UP medallion (due to a UP drawing dimensioning error) - note the space above the word "UNION". Both versions are included.

I have artwork available for anyone wanting to make decals in another scale - including full size.

A 1960s set is in process.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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