Sylvania Central RR in Georgia

Richard White

Steam era freight car discussion group. The time period covered will be from 1900-1960.I am building the Arbor Models kit of Sylvania Central 103 (and not finding it as difficult as some folks suggest).
She will need some cars to haul. I believe I am right in thinking that the SylvaniaCentral, in common with many shortlines, owned no freight cars of its own but relied on using those of the nearest class 1 railroad, in this case the C of G which owned it.
Does any member know where I can get information on the Sylvania Central's one and only combine? Am I right in thinking it was painted dark green as suggested by the contemporary Howard Fogg painting in 'Mixed Train Daily' and as shown in the modern painting by Don Coker? Does anyone know its number?
I have tried Google without luck but living in Botswana have no chance of finding a copy of Mallory Hope Ferrell's book 'Slow Train Down South' which might have the answer.
Pace Mike, the combine doubled as the caboose. My email addres is if you don't want to risk Mike's ire.
Thank you for your help
With best wishes
Richard White

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