New Department of Defense (DODX, USAX, USNX, etc.) pages

Lee Gautreaux

Happy Independence Day everybody! I am taking the occasion of the celebration of our country's independence to release a series of pages I have been working on for a few months dedicated to railcars of the Department of Defense (DODX and other marks from the past.) While there is considerable work left to do on the pages, I believe they are ready for public perusal. See the pages at the following:

The majority of information available at this time is more relevant to the modern freight car era (post 1960) simply because that is the information that is more readily available at this time. However, I plan on covering all eras over time.

I hope these pages are useful and welcome any assistance, correction,
submissions or suggestions.

Take care,

Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat

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