Re: PFE 1950s Ice Reefer Decals

Tony Thompson

Bruce Smith wrote:
What about us pre 1950's modeler's? Last I checked the Microscale set for the 1942-46 and 1946-1950 schemes was pretty bad...
The older Microscale 414 set gives you good color UP medallions of the 1942 or 1946 paint schemes. Both it and the new 501 set give you lots of data blocks for the different classes, and class designations. I have always used parts of the old Champ set SHS-190 for lettering that was wrongly sized or missing in the old Microscale 501, and the Champ lettering does offer some stuff you can use for earlier periods. It only has B&W UP emblems so is aimed at post-1950 cars, but don't be fooled, as it does have older lettering included. Champ may just have pulled together a lot of existing stuff to make the big set. For the pre-1942 UP emblem with the diagonal Overland banner, I think the best decals are the old Walthers 1503 set. I only have a couple of sets, but luckily for me, by my 1953 modeling date, this emblem was all but extinct.

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