Model Shapeways Tank Car Frame

Steve and Barb Hile

Just curious. Is anyone else still working on the early UTL tank car with
the parts from Model Shapeways?

I have posted several more pictures of mine in the Photos section. This has
turned into a project not unlike building a resin kit. I made tank bands
from 1x2 strip styrene with a short length of styrene rod glued to each end.
I curved them by pulling them across my thumb nail, as you would curl a
ribbon for a gift wrapping. The guy who designed the casting included the
nut on the underside of the tank saddles, but you need to drill it out a bit
from the top side to accept the rod end of the band.

I was going to use the ladders from the MDC car, but broke one when I glued
it in the wrong place. So the ladders are modified from the Tichy Tank Car
Detail set as are the handrail brackets. I discovered that the Precision
Scale tank car kit contains two sets of castings for the brake wheel shaft
brackets. Since they mount somewhat offset to one another, I put a piece of
scotch tape on the PSC tank end to mark where the holes were and then used
that as a template to drill the holes in the MDC end.

I think I am done because I can't imagine drilling some 20 number 80 holes
into the sides of the running boards to mount 8 hand grabs and the coupler
lift levers.

All and all, it was an interesting project, I am sure that we will see more
usage of this kind of construction. There are still some bugs, the castings
were more brittle than the good resins that we are used to and ACC does not
grab rapidly on this surface, but will hold eventually.

Steve Hile

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