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Ian Cranstone

On 2013-07-06, at 4:24 PM, r_eric_lombard wrote:

A photo on Fallenflags at

is of a single-sheathed, double door box car, HSPM 19, taken in Ontario, Canada, in 1964 by Jim Parker. Does anyone know to what RR HSPM marks belong? Can't seem to find them in the usual resources. At the moment my best guess is the car is ex GTW 575000-575999.
Neat photo.

There was an industry in Cornwall at one time (at least through the mid-1960s) by the name of Howard Smith Paper Mills. Since the car bears the CN system "D453" stencilling, I think we can assume that this is a retired car acquired for intraplant switching.

As for origin, I'm inclined to look at CN 573500-574696 series (built in four lots in 1925 & 1927 as automobile cars) -- a quick look at photos show that the GTW cars had a straight lower sill, whereas the CN cars have the fishbelly matching the HSPM car photo. If we could read the built date, I could probably identify the builder and lot.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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