Re: Grab Irons at the bottom end of boxcars

Tony Thompson

gary laakso wrote:
I was under the impression that the grab irons at the bottom of the end of boxcars were required by the Safety Appliance Act. I ask because on page 52 of Focus on Freight Cars Vol 1, there is an end picture of a 50 foot Rock Island sing sheathed box car, 261752 and it has no bottom grab irons. It was shopped to add the second grab iron on the side of the car and its in Studebaker pool service.
Was the car a Safety Appliance Act violation?
It was certainly a difference from the safety appliance standards. For example, the 1919 Cyc, page 1039, shows the MCB standard placement of safety appliances, and as Gary says, includes those end sill grab irons. I would have thought that these appliances were mandatory.

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