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I have good photos of these cars, ends, sides, roof and even the undersides. Lackawanna got 'em with both Youngstown and Superior doors and the cars wore all three DL&W paint schemes. They were not common after the 1960 Erie merger, and no pictures have surfaced of any painted for EL.

The differences between the DL&W and NYC cars may keep the project just too far away; there were slight differences in the carbody side rivet pattern around the bolster, there were differences in crossbearer orientation, roofs were replaced in time, etc. But these were stalwarts of the DL&W fleet, showing up in pictures all over the country.

I'd be happy to help get these cars produced ....Mike Del Vecchio

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If anyone can come up with side and end views of the Lackawanna car, > if it is indeed a reasonably close duplicate of the NYC cars, and
send scans to me I'll see if BLI wants to add them to the pending new > production of their cars.
I'm already engaged in that process, Charlie, and do not need the issues confused. It is why the question was raised in the first place.

My thanks to Richard and others who have responded with assistance.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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