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The next truck that Brian Leppert of Tahoe Model Works is workin g on
will be a Scullin Truck. At present a delivery date has not been
announced as Brian has just released the Barber S2 truck with solid
bearings and a spring plank.

So...finish the car and put another truck on temporarily until Brian
releases his Scullin truck!

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For what it is worth, I believe that Scullin was owned by General American
Transportation at one time. Phillips had many GATX built cars with Scullin
truck components built under various license arrangements.

Of no modeling interest many of the early "Jumbo" pressure cars for LP Gas,
starting in 1960, had locking center pins like passenger cars. These cars,
PSPX 30001-30100 were 100 ton plain bearing, 33" wheels multi-wear wheels
5'-10" wheel base if I remember correctly.


Tom Birkett, Bartlesville, OK

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I'm building a 1958 box car that originally (and maybe always) was
equipped with Scullin trucks. It's a 40-foot, 50-ton, plug-door box car. I
don't find HO Scullins trucks anywhere that I look and I am wondering if
anyone can suggest a truck that is close in appearance to Scullins.
Rich, Scullin produced trucks of many different designs, mostly under
license. So there were various Scullin ARA trucks with spring planks, AAR
self-aligning spring-plankless trucks, Barber stabilized and ASF A-3
etc. As far as I know, the only plain journal trucks that Scullin made to
exclusively Scullin designs were the Type CC and the Type LV, both shown in
the 1953 Car Builders Cylcopedia. Both had unique arrangements of
spring-loiaded snubbers between side frames and bolster, neither proved to
be very popular, and neither have ever been reproduced in HO scale. If you
can send me a photo which clearly shows the trucks under the car that's the
prototype for your model, I can probably identify them and suggest the
closest HO scale trucks to represent them.

Richard Hendrickson

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