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Blue Flag....Rule 26 on most railroads doesn't have much bearing on the Canadian incident.....Blue Flags protect  workers working on or about the cars that are protected by a blue flag....even engines being serviced on a fuel rack are normally blue flagged.....You cannot foul or block a blue flagged track and cannot couple to the cars beyond the blue flag.....only person who put up the blue flag or his foreman can take it back down....Often said that a Blue Flag is the most restricted signal.....You can get permission to pass a Red stop signal but not a Blue Flag......Larry

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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Blue "Tank Car Connected" Sign

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Somewhere I've seen a photo of a blue sign attached to a tank car unloading track reading "Stop - Tank Car Connected" or something to that effect. But now, of course, I can't recall where. Can anyone on the list direct me to such a photo?
One is in the email to you. Tony

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