Reefer Roundup revisited


I have spent the evening searching the archives for useful information as
to collecting a representative collection of U. S. roadname (fruit and
vegetable) refrigerator cars FGE, PFE, SFRX, ART? MDT? which would or could
have run into Montreal and now have a pretty good Idea of what I'll need. My
main problem now is which paint schemes available on the various models
would be suitable for 1959. I am not interested in covering all possible cars,
just what reasonably might have made it into Montreal.

A secondary question was posed in the Reefer Roundup back in 2007 but does
not seem to have been answered. It concerned what might have been the
beginning of a prototypical model using an Athearn reefer and Details West 4/4
square dreadnaught ends.

If anyone can shed any light on these issues it sure would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Walt

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