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Richard Hendrickson

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Doing some research on CB&Q 70T cars built in the early 50s shows them riding on their no. 73 truck as shown in the picture on the link:

These trucks were under the ballast hoppers, offset triple hoppers, and 1958 cuft covered hoppers. To my mostly untrained eye, these look closest to the Proto2000 spring plankless, but the bolster on the 70T version looks wider. Is there a better HO scale choice for these? By the time I am done I will probably need 40 pairs of these and was hoping for something a little closer if possible. Maybe if this type of truck was common enough they could warrant production. Thanks.

Eric, those trucks are a 70 ton AAR self-aligning spring-plankless double truss design. You're right about the bolster end being wider; in fact, the whole trucks is bigger, 5'8" wheelbase as opposed to 5'6" on 50 ton trucks. No one makes an exact duplicate of that truck in HO scale, but the closest equivalent - and it's very close - is the ex-Red Caboose 70 ton Barber S-2 which is in the process of being improved and re-issued by Hi-Tech. It has the triangle snubber pockets inside the ends of the bolsters, which the Q truck does not, but those are subtle and in other respects it represents the Q trucks very well - spring arrangement, bolster end, etc. If you want to pursue getting these trucks in sizable numbers, e-mail me off-list and I'll give you contact information for Hi Tech.

Richard Hendrickson

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