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Bill Welch

Walt, I am not sure if this responsive to your question or not.

I have been fortunate to assemble a collection of Perishable Schedules for the L&N, SRR, ACL and SAL. Here is what I have gleaned from these for perishables headed to Montreal. These three schedules are for the 1948-49 season.

On the Southern for their #56 leaving Jacksonville on Tuesday at 5 PM it would arrive at Potomac Yard at 6 AM on Thursday. The B&O left Pot Yard with the train at 10 AM the same day and eventually three trains would arrive in Montreal with Florida Perishables.
1. 9:30 PM on Saturday via the B&O-Rdg-CNJ-D&H-CN
2. 10 PM on Saturday via B&O-Rdg-CNJ-NH-CV-CN
3. 5 AM Sunday B&O-Rdg-CNJ-D&H-CP

On the ACL with their Train ACD-10 leaving Jacksonville on Tuesday at 8:45 AM this block of perishables would be brought into Pot Yard by the RF&P on Thursday. Six trains ultimately bound for Montreal proceeded thusly.
1. Arriving 5 PM Saturday via PRR-D&H-CP
2. Arriving 11:30 PM Saturday via PRR-D&H-CN
3. Arriving 11:45 PM Saturday via PRR-NH-CV-CN
4. Arriving 11:45 PM Saturday via B&O-Rdg-CNJ-NH-CV-CN
5. Arriving 11:30 PM Saturday via B&O-Rdg-CNJ-D&H-CN
6. Arriving 5 AM Sunday via B&O-Rdg-CNJ-D&H-CP

The SAL named train "The Marketer" left Jacksonville on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM scheduled to reach Pot Yard via the RF&P 11:59 PM on Wednesday. Five trains took the perishables to Montreal.
1. Arriving 9:30 PM Saturday via PRR-D&H-CN
2. Arriving 4 PM Saturday via PRR-D&H-CP
3. Arriving 10 PM Saturday via PRR-NH-CV-CN
4. Arriving 11:30 PM Saturday via B&O-Rdg-CNJ-D&H-CN
5. Arriving 10 PM Saturday via B&O-Rdg-CNJ-NH-CV-CN

The refrigerator cars would course been randomly from the Fruit Growers Express/Western Fruit Express/Burlington Refrigerator Express System. I tell people the approximate ratio of car ownership was FGE-15/WFE-7-8/BRE-2 that is perhaps a point of departure for a mixture of reporting marks. Including a random ART, PFE, MDT, NWX, SFRD car or cars would be appropriate.

Hope this helps.

Bill Welch

--- In, WaltGCox@... wrote:

I have spent the evening searching the archives for useful information as
to collecting a representative collection of U. S. roadname (fruit and
vegetable) refrigerator cars FGE, PFE, SFRX, ART? MDT? which would or could
have run into Montreal and now have a pretty good Idea of what I'll need. My
main problem now is which paint schemes available on the various models
would be suitable for 1959. I am not interested in covering all possible cars,
just what reasonably might have made it into Montreal.

A secondary question was posed in the Reefer Roundup back in 2007 but does
not seem to have been answered. It concerned what might have been the
beginning of a prototypical model using an Athearn reefer and Details West 4/4
square dreadnaught ends.

If anyone can shed any light on these issues it sure would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Walt

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