Hendrickson truck update [Was: CB&Q no. 73 truck]

Tony Thompson

Dave Snyder wrote:
Richard, is this Hi-Tech Details? The rubber airhose/mu people? Also went to your HO truck site that I have and drew a blank screen versus your normal PDF, are there problems? I went there because I remember another truck listed as Hi-Tech on your site, but Hi-Tech Details catalog lists no trucks. TIA.
This is kind of my fault, because my upload to Google Drive did not quite work right. However, Richard Hendrickson has again updated and made minor changes to his article on HO scale model freight car trucks. An added feature is the inclusion of the new Tahoe Model Works Barber S-2 truck with Spring Plank, a truck SP (and other roads) liked and applied to a number of classes of freight cars. You can access Richard's article through this link to my blog:


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