SP B-50-25 12 panel 40' boxcar with corrected details

Andy Carlson


I have a package deal which I am offering to anyone reading this post.

Intermountain tooled their 12 panel box car for a Great Northern prototype. After running decorated kits and RTRs in many GN schemes, they offered some SP and T&NO versions. Intermountain did tool up a 3/4 IDE of the configuration the Espee utilized, but overlooked offering a correct pair of doors and also simply reused the GN 12 panel ladders, which are 8 rungs for the sides, are only 7 rungs for the ends (GN bottom step was a drop grab--SP used full 8 rung ladders for their ends).

Both GN and SP 12 panels included Superior doors, which were OK for a few GN numbers, but the larger majority of both RR's 12 panels had Youngstown doors, which Intermountain did not offer.

I have the following supplemented HO Intermountain SP B-50-25 undec box car kits:

#1)  Undec new12 panel kit with the following extras--Red Caboose Rectangular panel 40' AAR roof. One extra sprue of 8-rung ladders to address the short ladders on the ends issue. One pair of the SP/T&NO version of the 3/4 IDE. One Pair of SouthWest Scale Productions 5/5/5 Interim Improved Youngstown doors (The so-called "Overnight" doors). One pair of Barber Lateral Motion Tahoe Model works # 009 50-ton cast steel truck, less wheelsets.

#2) Same as above, but with 5/6/5 SouthWest IYDs.

#3) Same as #1, but with 4/6/6 SouthWest IYD

No decals or couplers are included.

Priced at $27.50, 1st class air mail shipping included. I accept checks and money orders. For a small fee I can also accept PayPal. Contact me off-list (Please) for more info. <midcentury@sbcglobal.net>
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Price is $24.50 each supplemented kit--including 1st class shipping.

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