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Walter Cox

That thank you was sent prematurely. All that information was helpful. As
far as PFE cars are concerned if I could get a handle on when the dual color
herald, black and white herald, overland, and modern gothic lettering
schemes came into use that would take care of PFE's R40-10 & R40-23.

It would also help to know when the MDT cars changed from white to
yellow,(or yellow to white) and whether or not Intermountain's R40-23 is correct
for MDT and WFE and if their R40-10 is correct for ART and WFE.

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Walt Cox wrote:
A secondary question was posed in the Reefer Roundup back in 2007 but
does not seem to have been answered. It concerned what might have been the
beginning of a prototypical model using an Athearn reefer and Details West
4/4 square dreadnaught ends.
Whether this change was intended to model some specific prototype, I don't
know. But if a PFE car is the goal, don't bother. The PFE class with that
end was R-40-10, and InterMountain makes an excellent R-40-10 which has
correct ends.

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