Re: Reefer Roundup revisited

Tony Thompson

How late into the 50's was it reasonable to see the color UP emblem on a PFE reefer?
Photos show by the mid-1950s that a large majority of PFE cars had the black-white scheme. The shops must have been very focussed in the early 1950s on updating the paint schemes. But of course some cars can escape notice, even in an operation like PFE where EVERY car went through a PFE shop when returning from EVERY trip. Then if you choose to model the color UP emblem, the problem is, in say, 1958 or 59, that you are modeling an oddity or a rarity. I guess I would be uncomfortable, if it were my modeling, to include a color UP emblem after 1956 or 57.
Others on the list may have different opinions, and if so, please chime in.

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