Replacing Athearn trucks and/or wheels


Background: I received a large lot of Athearn blue box rolling stock from my father. He's had these for years and decided he'd never build or run them. Most seem to have 70 ton trucks, whether the prototype had them or not. The only exception I have found, so far, is an express reefer which appears to have express trucks.
Is it worthwhile to replace the wheels and/or trucks with the correct trucks?
For example, I have 54' covered hoppers with 200000 lb capacities that come with 70 ton trucks and 33" wheels.
Is it worthwhile to replace them with the correct 36" wheels? With the body mounted couplers, will I need to go with an underset shaft to compensate for the bigger wheel or should I lower the body?
Keith Kempster
Jacksonville, FL
PS I have discovered that many older Athearn kits don't have prototypes. I just want to do a little bit to make them better. I have a bunch of undecorated kits that I will be modifying to be more prototypical.

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