Re: Coupler droop

Tony Thompson

Keith Kempster wrote:
Background:I received a large lot of Athearn blue box rolling stock from my father. He's had these for years and decided he'd never build or run them. They all have hook and horn couplers. I want to replace them with Kadee couplers. I tried a set and there seems to be bit of vertical play, aka droop, in the draft box. What is the standard for droop, if any? What are the best methods for correcting out of tolerance couplers? I do have the Kadee coupler gauge and an NMRA gauge.
I've done some research and the options seems to range from replacing the draft boxes to shimming the opening with strip styrene.
Keith, there is really no permissible droop. The Kadee height gage shows you the required position of the knuckles and the trip pin. Do not accept droop beyond that. Kadees are legendary for reliability and consistency, but that only happens if you install them to the Kadee standard height.

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