Re: Coupler droop, height and centering

Malcolm H. Houck

Does anyone have experience with the scale couplers and were any changes
required to insure reliable operation?

There has been considerable concern about whether or not "scale" couplers
will "gather" properly and couple with other sizes, or if they will or will
couple properly on curved track.

If this's a problem it is, in my opinion more related to the side play
wheelsets and truck frames; -- a topic much discussed with JP Barger. An
answer is to replace the "one size fits all" wheelsets with ReBoxx
that are (can be) more carefully matched to the varying distances across
truck frames between journals. This can easily be done since ReBoxx
are made in a variety of lengths and, with careful measurement taking into
account the manufactured specification of lengths, can be matched to
a nearest 0.001".

With replacement wheelsets all cars center on the track and scale coupler
matched are not a problem. . . at all! In addition, since the elimination
truck side plat also eliminates vertical play, couplers will be (should be)
at a proper height above the rails. In replacing all OEM and other
wheelsets with ReBoxx sets I have ben able to discard nearly all shim
previously needed to obtain correct coupler height.

An additional benefit is that with a correctly fitted ReBoxx wheelset a
rolls extremely well. The finer tread width seems to have no problems with
well done track, besides.

Mal Houck

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