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Scott H. Haycock


For me it depends...

I really want the signature components of my trains- engines and cabooses- to be as prototypically correct as I can make them. Freight cars I don't worry about as much. I certainly want to get them as close as my wallet and skills will allow, but I cannot justify the cost of dozens of resin kits. I generally use Branchline, Red Caboose, Intermountain, and Accurail KITS for my rolling stock. With some aftermarket and scratchbuilt parts, a lot of these models can be made into close models of prototype cars. I do have a lot of Kadee PS-1s as I model the S.E. and these cars were used by a lot of the areas regional roads.

An example is the SAL's turtleback boxcars. I will need several of them. I built a master to resin cast a more correct end that I can graft onto the Bowser PRR Round roof cars and get closer to the SAL cars. I know there are other differences, but For me the end is the most visible spotting feature of these cars. Replacing/ adding/ subtracting side sills and sill tabs is another simple fix on a lot of cars.

Another consideration is decal availability.

For me, this is still a builders hobby, and I prefer to build vs. buy if possible.

Scott Haycock
Modeling Tarheel country in the Land of Enchantm ent

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Good evening. I have been a member of this group for but a little while compared to the time many of you have spent in the pursuit of STMFC knowledge. The studying of references and historical documents to discover how things were really done. All for the purpose of improving the models that are available to us. Yet, I get the impression that there are some among us who desire the perfect kit with all the correct details and decals. All one need do is assemble, paint and decal this kit to be happy.
So, I ask you all, would you rather buy the perfect kit or improve a lesser kit through research and the acquisition of knowledge? Do we limit ourselves to the F&Cs and Westerfields of this world or do we take the Accurails and Bowsers and improve them, making them solid running rolling stock with as accurate details as we can?
This may be blasphemy for some but I offer these thoughts as a 50 something who looks forward to many years of modeling pleasure.
Thank you for your patience,
Keith Kempster
Jacksonville, FL

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