Re: Coupler droop

s shaffer

"Question 2 : Do the problem cars have the old, metal clip-on lid for the gear box? If so, one POSSIBLE solution might be to ever-so-slightly bend the end of this metal lid upward to help raise the coupler head to the correct height, being very careful not to bend it too much as to pinch the shank ."

Yes John, as my good friend Fred Dabney showed me many years ago. After you bend up the end of the metal cover, then file the inside lip smooth as there is a burr from the stamping process that can a problem after it is bent up.

I do not know why the Athearn bluebox kits were called "shake the box". I always could easy spend two hours putting one together not counting touchup paint and weathering. Guess I was just getting my dollars worth. What were they? About two and a half bucks?

Steve Shaffer

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