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Doh! How about National B-1 trucks! My keyboard is too small for my kludgy fingers!

-- John

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Found this. Looks like National C-1 trucks to me.

-- John

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Question. . .

Our model club VP gave me an N-scale gondola and asked if I could do a weathering clinic on it. So, first thing I did was bring it home and put it under a microscope so I could figure out what the heck it was (my eyes were not built for N-scale).

First of all, looks like a fairly standard Micro-Trains model of a 15 panel, wood floor, fixed dreadnaught end, 52'6" IL, fishbelly-side, 70 ton, mill gondola (15 panel - would that make it a PS prototype?).

The car is lettered GN (with the circle mountain goat logo) and numbered 72839 with a build date of 8-57 on it.

Anyway, the model has roller bearing trucks on it.

I figure with a build date of 8-57, it should have solid-bearing trucks, or am I wrong? I would think that this car was probably built with 70 ton ASF A-3 or Barber S-2 solid bearing trucks based on the build date and lack of any re-weigh information on the model (BLT and NEW are same 8-57 date).

So, should I replace the trucks on this model even before I start the weathering project or what???

I know this model is near the end of our specified time period, but it does come under the 1960 end date.

-- John

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