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Hmmm, yeah I hear you. Only practical solution is the Micro-Trains Bettendorf trucks due to needing the medium length talgo coupler arrangement. Only readily available solid-bearing truck out there. No ASF A-3's out there in N. Now, if it was HO. . .

Man, I am going to go blind doing this model!

-- John

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Man, all this for a weathering clinic !!!
Chuck Hladik

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I was just answering your question about an 8-57 build date being
some kind of determinant that the car would have solid bearings. It
is not. Cars were being built with roller bearings for many years
before 1957; likewise many cars were still being built with solid
bearings in the 1960's.

The trucks seen in your linked photo of GN 78829 are clearly A-3
and definitely not a National B-1 or C-1.

Tim O'

One of the group members sent me this with a builders photo.

The GN 72800-72999 series was built by Pullman standard in 1957 and so
had Pullman ends. The trucks were A-3. No mention of roller bearings in the

The photo showed solid bearing trucks on the car. Couldn't see them well
enough to confirm that they were ASF.

-- John

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The GN ordered 25 new 65 foot gondolas in 1955 with SKF roller bearing

Tim O'Connor

I figure with a build date of 8-57, it should have solid-bearing
trucks, or am I wrong?

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