Re: Model Kits and the evolving New Reality

Tim O'Connor


Resin kits were marginally successful among serious modelers, and
some plastic kits were very successful, but as the cost difference
between RTR items and kits made in China has narrowed, I think Andy
is making the point that the TREND is unmistakable -- fewer kits,
more RTR. Most of the younger members (35 or less) at the club I have
met have never built anything serious with their own hands. They want
to run trains, but not build them. Maybe that will change but I doubt
it -- When I was a teen, you could only buy kits, or unpainted brass.
It was go build, or stay home.

The latest HO scale Moloco box car kits are $45. RTR cars are $53.
And these are intricate kits with many fine details. Most people are
willing to trade off 8 hours of labor for $8.

Tim O'Connor

Andy, I couldn't disagree with you more. If your premise were true, how do you account for the success of resin kits?. The sad part is that the higher prices tend to keep many newcomers from entering the hobby.I am concerned about the lack of accurate decals. An other argument against your thesis is the availability of so many excellent after- market items. Armand Premo

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