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Rob, I think your question might be better directed to the New York Central System Historical Society: I know they have official painting and lettering diagrams for milk cars, refrigerator cars and express cars that will answer many of your questions.

There is also a NYC Modelers Yahoo Group that you may find of benefit:


Having said that and assuming that you are talking about an HO scale model, the car you are describing sounds like one of the express cars imported back in the 80's or early 90's by NJCB (Custom Brass). I believe Precision Scale imported some NYC express cars also.

The cars were essentially a Pullman Green color and by the late 40's the cars the lettering would have been 'Deluxe Gold', which is a yellow color, not gold as in 'gold leaf'. Champ used to make decals that would work pretty good for this car. I don't have the number for the decal set in front of me, but if no one else chimes in I can supply it when I get home.

Mark Rossiter

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4. Help with decals for NYC

Posted by: "roblmclear" rob.mclear3@...<mailto:rob.mclear3@...> roblmclear

Date: Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:32 am ((PDT))

Hello again

Need some more help if you can give it I am in the process of painting a New York Central wooden express reefer. Crikey I hope this is appropriate for this list, I hear it is very cold in moderator jail here....

The car is an undecorated brass model so consequently has not come with any decals. I am unsure of the lettering style and colour that was used in my period (1947) I am trying to get some custom decals made to fit the car but need to know firstly the colour, then they style and then the height of the various parts of the lettering.

For instance I have seen these cars with the letters NYC above both the numbers on both ends of the sides low down and I have seen pictures of them with just the numbers. I know that New York Central was spelled out on the sides but again don't know the size and style and colour. I know that it should be either Gold or Yellow but can't seem to identify it.

I don't know the class of the car but is wooden sides, no belt rail, round roof, with recessed ladder places on the sides and deep side sills in the middle tapering towards each end.

Any help would be appreciated.


Rob McLear

Kingaroy Australia

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