Announcing 1892 34' Ventilated Boxcar Limited Edition HO kit

Benjamin Hom

[Forwarded from John Canfield. Photos pending approval. Please direct
inquiries to jcan2x @]

Bob McGlone and I are pleased to announce our latest HO limited
edition kit offering - a 34' 4 side vent ventilated boxcar built by
the Ohio Falls Car Company and used by mostly southern railroads. We
have prototype photos for this basic car from Ohio Falls being used
by the Central of Georgia, Louisville Southern, and the Savannah
Americus & Montgomery. Railroads using virtually identical cars by
other builders were the St. Louis & San Francisco, Atlanta & West
Point, and the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia. We have also found
several other prototypes but, to our knowledge, no lettering is

This kit was designed from plans for 1000 cars built for the Central
of Georgia RR around 1892. The plans were originally published in the
Railroad Gazette and later redrawn for Model Railroader. A ventilated
boxcar was a multi-purpose car designed to be used in place of
refrigerator cars to transport mainly produce requiring circulating
air to keep the contents cool while not requiring the use of ice for
very cold temperatures. To accomplish this, there are large barred
doors on the sides, 4 small slatted side vents [closable from inside
the car] on each side, and high barred end doors. However, when used
as a normal boxcar, the alternate solid side doors were closed, the
side vents closed from the inside, and the alternate solid doors slid
over the end openings. And, because of the end doors, the cars were
also suitable for lumber and rail lading.

Here are some specifics for the above mentioned railroads, thanks to
info from Cyril Durrenberger. As mentioned above, there are certainly
other railroads that used these cars but lettering is not available
for them:

O CofGa cars numbered 2001 – 3000 air brakes lettering numbered 2873
O SA&M cars numbered 3201 – 3500 air brakes lettering numbered
O LS cars numbered 1020 - 1525 air brakes lettering numbered 1257
O Frisco cars numbered 7844 – 7943 air brakes lettering numbered 7853
O A&WP cars numbered 3100 – 3200 air brakes lettering numbered 3130
O ETV&G cars numbered 7101 – 8201 no air brakes lettering numbered

We have very little information about the history of these cars
during their lifetime on the various railroads. In some cases this is
because several of the above railroads were quickly absorbed into
other larger systems: SA&M into the Seaboard in 1900; LS to Southern
in 1894; ETV&G to Southern in 1894. Being what these cars were
underneath, that is a basic 4 truss rod all wood boxcar, they likely
had a useful life through about 1910 or so. With the exception of the
ETV&G cars, all of them had air brakes when built.

Additionally, with a little extra work by the kit purchaser in the
area between the small side vents, this kit could also be used to
make a passable representation of Mobile & Ohio ventilated car #6909.

In the "Photos" section of this site under "1892 34' ventilated
boxcar HO scale kit", Pictures of this car are shown. The first bar
includes a C of GA car that Bob had built (but not from this kit); an
S&AM car Bob built from this kit; and an LS car that I made, also
from this kit. The second bar are of the other three sets of
lettering also available: Frisco, A&WP, and ETV&G. (For more about
lettering availability, read on.)

The kit is composed or resin castings from masters made by our
exacting modeler Bob McGlone including a one-piece body (with door
openings so the ventilated door can actually be "see through" and all
doors slide))and separate floor, solid doors, roofwalk, and end
doors; Bitter Creek ventilated doors and pedestal bars, Tahoe trucks,
Walthers Proto couplers, and detail parts by Wiseman, Tichy, Grandt
Line, and PSC along with wire, styrene, illustrated instructions, and
everything you need except glue and paint to complete this kit. For
the whimsical, we've also included a few watermelons and some
excelsior "straw" in case you want junk inside with your doors open
as show in the pic of my car.

As always, our kits come with lettering. In this case, we fortunately
had made arrangements with Art Griffin to purchase a quantity of
lettering decals for each of railroads listed above before he closed
his business through next fall. However, because of his hiatus, we
had to make some assumptions about how many decals of each of the
RR's to purchase. This also means that there are no number
variations available on the lettering - it is what it is.
Additionally, we can provide Clover House dry transfer lettering sets
for the CofGa and SA&M cars, plus the M&O car #6909. Note that once
the AG lettering sells out, it's gone until he re-opens in October
2014. So when you make your reservation, please indicate your first
choice of lettering and an alternate. When I reply to confirm your
reservation I'll be able to let you know if you've gotten your first
lettering preference - and if you're not then you can always cancel
the reservation. You can see illustrations of all this lettering on
Art Griffin's and Clover House's websites.

Kits are priced at $42 each plus postage and are sold by advance
reservation ONLY. Make a reservation by emailing me offline at
jcan2x@.... I will acknowledge your reservation (and be sure
to include your lettering choices..........for the dry transfers ,you
don't need an alternative second choice) but no payment is needed
until I let you know your kit is ready……normally within about a four
week timeframe depending on parts availability. Satisfaction
guaranteed and as always thanks for your continued interest in giving
us the opportunity to produce kits of these rare and unusual cars
that are not available anyplace else!

Our best regards,
John Canfield

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