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Thank Richard (and Dave, who contacted me off list),
I should have been more clear in my original post. (I knew what I was thinking and figured you guys would all know, too. We're all clairvoyant, right?)

Using ASF A-3s and Barber S-2s as examples, would it be true that the only bolster that would fit the sideframe would have to come from the same manufacturer?

Although I didn't mention it, I was thinking in terms of the manufacturing of scale model trucks for freight cars. No doubt we have all experienced instances wherein the best available scale model truck in terms of sideframe for a particular car has the end of a truck bolster that doesn't match what we see in our prototype photo.

The same would be true of journal box lids but let's not go there now.

In later years the scale model truck manufacturer could most like be reasonably assured that a given sideframe would have only one truck bolster end visible on both prototype and model.

I'd like to see, in HO at least, scale model trucks where the bolster end and journal box lids are separate parts applied by the modeler to match what he or she sees in the photo of their prototype.

Wow! Wouldn't those be expensive!

Gene Green

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On Jul 18, 2013, at 1:33 PM, Gene <bierglaeser@...> wrote:

There was a time when the railroad or other freight car purchaser specified which truck sideframe, bolster, side bearing, brake beam, and so on was to be used on freight cars being built. In the past, at least, it was possible that each of these parts could come from a different manufacturer.

Narrowing my scope to just the sideframes and truck bolster, I always assumed that a truck such as the ASF Ride-Control truck, for example, would have to have sideframes and truck bolster from the same manufacturer.

Can anyone confirm or refute?
Gene, all the parts wouldn't have to have come from the same manufacturer, but on the evidence I have seen it was customary to order trucks of a specific design like the ASF A-3s and Barber S-2s from the same source.

Richard Hendrickson

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