Re: Model Kits and the evolving New Reality


I don't think cost is that much of a concern/more a priority for younger people/kids.I have a 6th grader and its amazing how all his friends get 1 or 3 video games a month ($20-$45 ea.)plus the $80 - $600 system that is obsolete at least once a year.Reno is by no means a high paying area.
 They have more money than I do to spend on a hobby.

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My fear is that fewer and fewer people will take up the hobby. It used to be that one could get a few good, simple Blue Box kits, a decent locomotive and some track for well under the price of some of today's higher end RTR offerings. Where does a younger person get that kind of money? If I had to start out today, I'd probably not be able to afford the hobby either.  
Dan L. Merkel

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