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In the words of the venerable Pogo,"We have met the enemy and they are

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Richard Hendrickson writes

I'm not surprised, Paul. Properly assembling resin kits requires a
high degree of skill and patience, and I was doubtful from the outset
a low wage foreign work force would be able to do it to acceptable
I believe that resin kits are only slightly more difficult to
build than Tichy flat kits -- due to the different properties
of CA versus styrene cement. Given 1-piece bodies, and production
jigs for hole drilling and assembly, and uniform parts, I expect
resin kits can be factory built. You might have to pay somewhat
higher wages for better craftsman... but I think this problem is
solvable at some price point. Maybe $60 for an RTR model, versus
$30 for a plastic car.

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Sterling, Massachusetts

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