Re: 3D Printed ATSF Tank Cars

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I have several question.

Can you give us some idea as to the cost? Everyone please keep in mind he is not using some $1600 printer, but would have to amortize the cost of a very expensive printer in to the cost of goods sold.

I have used for many items, and with great to good results. Orientation is a issue with shapeways, and orientation is VERY important. I have a $1600 3d printer and, at first, it took several attempts to get a good print. With experience comes knowledge, and most of my items print correct the first time now.

You can see many of my 3d printed items at, and I recently put up an adaptation of a clinic I put on at an NMRA regional.

Kent Hurley, KC

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OK, I've been plugging away with 3D printing and here's what I've been working on:

I don't blog but have uploaded a PDF file explaining this project. View it at at least 100% to get the full benefit of the images.

Tom Madden

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