Re: 3D Printed ATSF Tank Cars

Tim O'Connor


Fantastic! Would the parts shown become masters for conventional
rubber molds, or do you envision 3D printing as a production process?
I only ask because you added Archer rivets and I wonder if that is
something modelers would be willing to do (since the patterns on a
tank car are somewhat esoteric).

Tim O'Connor

Ben Hom wrote:
Too much effort is being expended cursing the darkness
rather than lighting candles. Some folks around here need to spend
time working on their kit stashes and sharing it with everyone
instead of sitting at the computer bemoaning the fate of the hobby.
OK, I've been plugging away with 3D printing and here's what I've been working on:

I don't blog but have uploaded a PDF file explaining this project. View it at at least 100% to get the full benefit of the images.

Tom Madden

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