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Together, this group has enough unbuilt kits to stock several hobby
Probably quite true.

Kits have always been slow movers - if the buffs don't buy them all
up they can stick around hobby shops for years.
But this is true of many things in any type of store.

We are lame ducks for (1) being interested in the steam era &
(2) liking to build models. Both interests seem to be dying out.
Not so sure aboout the fisrt part of this. Have been quite surprised in the last couple of years to find a few fellows in their 20's who
much prefer the late steam era. As one put it to me, the current scene is like the old Pete Seeger song with everything being built out of ticky-tacky and all looking just the same. With what I see on the old Southern mainline these days it is hard to disagree with that. All the box cars, all the covered hoppers, all the open hoppers and all the tank cars look the same except for the pattern of graffiti on them. What a dull hobby it would be without the late steam and early diesel era! If a tank car is over 11,000 gal., a box car or reefer is over 50 ft. or a hopper is over 40 ft. long it won't be seen on my roster. One needs to make room for more 36 footers! VBG

Cordially, Don Valentine

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