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If you are concerned about new modelers not building kits, I suggest you recommend an Accurail boxcar kit to them. Maybe even buy them one. After he (or she) builds it--and it really isn't a problem for anyone with even a little skill--you can discuss weathering, detailing, etc. I think that once a modeler gets a few of these under his (or her!) belt, they will realize the joy of building.

The cars are nice, and they run well, and the price is right.

Last month I picked up a N&W combo door box from my LHS. I am aware of the shortcomings of the model but I liked the paint scheme. I added cushioned coupler pockets (from Walthers) and some cross0over walkways from my scrap box. A little paint, a little glue, a little weathering, and I have a nice car for not much money.

Steve Kay

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I think the greying of model railroaders in general fueled the shift from kits to RTR.

Many modelers end up with a closet full of kits; they then progress to buying less and spending more for each item. RTR is preferable to kits which may never get built or can't be built in the first place.You can put RTR on your layout or on a shelf. Kits stay in the box forever.

Together, this group has enough unbuilt kits to stock several hobby shops.

Kits have always been slow movers - if the buffs don't buy them all up they can stick around hobby shops for years.

Hobbies for men never sold anything more complicated than blue box screw driver kits. The owner knew how to make money.

We are lame ducks for (1) being interested in the steam era & (2) liking to build models. Both interests seem to be dying out.

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