G&F Hoppers

Chris Dills <cddx@...>

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the group and have been kind of lurking around reading old posts.

I'm interested in modeling the G&F during the transition era. During my research, I've stumbled across several photos of cars that are not on any OER's or anywhere else that I can find mention of. There are also some cars listed that there doesn't seem to be much information about such as the 3 large 2755 cubic foot hoppers that Marty posted about a few days ago.

Here's another hopper question; In the attached photo is hopper #12017 with built date stenciled 9-23 which is part of the 26 hoppers mentioned in the 1959 and 1960 OER's here on Lee's site;



The OER's indicate that these were 1940 cubic foot cars. The lettering on the side indicates the car is 25xx cubic foot. The last two letters are unreadable to me, but the first two seem to be 25 for sure. This seems like too much cubic foot to be in a 34' ribbed side car. But the overall size of the car is not readily apparent from the photo. This photo albeit in a less angled view is on the cover of the October 1960 G&F magazine but is only about half the size of a business card. In the photo it does appear to be at least a 40' car. Is it possible that this might be a different size than the rest of the cars? Or could there have been several sizes amongst the cars? Or is the car just "mis-labeled"?. You can see where the previous road name was painted over with a stripe to hid the lettering. They also only appear in the 1959 and 1969 OER's. So it's possible that they may have been leased but haven't found any information indicating for sure.

I'm interested in modeling some of these cars, but have never seen a hopper with 7 panels. Can any of you identify the maker or possibly a previous road that owned them? Are there any known HO scale models of such a car or similar cars? Thanks! -Chris Dills

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