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Tom Madden

Sorry, I missed the point that Aaron wasn't asking about the ATSF tank car frame.

Tom Madden

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Aaron Gjermundson asked:

How do the Shapeways parts look when painted?
Aaron, the Shapeways masters shown in the photos (underframe and multiple dome structure) *are* painted. Otherwise you'd have a hard time seeing the surface detail. As received they are translucent white and slightly sticky due to residual wax. After ultrasonic cleaning in hot (but not uncomfortably hot) water with a bit of dishwashing liquid added, they are frosted. I sandblast, not to clean, but to even out the surface finish. Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail material, unpainted, has a chemically active surface. It takes paint readily, but silicone rubber will bond to it. You won't be able to get an unpainted Shapeways master out of the mold without tearing the mold or breaking the master. Usually both. That's why, with Shapeways, I order two of everything.

(Forgive the overexplanation, but Aaron is an accomplished resin caster and I want to save him some grief.)

Tom Madden

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