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Hi Jack,

I can understand your interest in the Sinclair cars as I'm a heartland
modeler also, and they had a huge marketing presents in that area, it's always
the best choice to pick the petroleum companies common to the area your
modeling. And you say your "in O scale unfortunately", I would disagree with
that as your in the scale I should be in!
The AC&F Sinclair 10k insulated cars in question were in number
series SDRX 26100 to 26199, and no the number of the car in the photo was
not distinguishable. Your correct in that data is on the right side of the car
under the initial and number, but that's always the nominal capacity and light
weight (tare) of the car, which is not going to be specific to the builder of the
car. What we as modelers need to focus on (without getting to technical here)
is the tank specific data on the right hand side of the tank. This is going to call
out the type/class of the car, it's tank builder and date, and also the safety
valve test dates along with that of the tank, also test dates of specialty items
such as heater pipe coils. This stuff is going to be car specific (builder and
type/class) and needs to agree with the car we are applying the decals to. To
put a point on the hole thing, you need to know more than most modelers
know about tank car builders and types.
I agree with you about needing "greater depth" in tank car decal sets,
but let's say we have come along way since the old Champ sets with incomplete
oversized data. May I suggest that you have a look at some of the Protocraft
decals on his website, Norman has put a lot of new stuff up of late and even
gone back and corrected the colors in the Staley car sets. The Black Cat sets that
Allen is offering in HO scale are very good, and he deserves just credit for doing
a great job with them.......he's got the best GATX and Sinclair set out there in HO
for us "small" size modelers.

Jerry Stewart

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Your remarks caught my interest as I have a need for a couple Sinclair cars (in O scale unfortunately). A couple questions interpolated below.

Jack Mullen

Jerry Stewart wrote:

Allen, my friend, I would be more than happy to work with you on this project also.
The photo in question of the Sinclair AC&F 10k type 21 Insulated car was in a bunch
of shots that the late Bill Raia had acquired. Unfortunately it's was at an acute angle
in the photo, but you could see that it "appeared" to be painted in the same layout as
the all black Sinclair cars, just light colored from the sheathing batten at the bottom
of the tank upwards.
Could you distinguish the car number in the photo?

It looked to me as if they just used the same stencils as the all
black cars, just revising the colors? You are aware that if you do this to your present
Sinclair lettering set you would have to revise the tank data on the left side of the
?? Left side only? Isn't the tank data on both sides?

A set of assorted tank data with various mfrs, tank classes, dates and capacities would be great to have. AFAIK nobody has produced one.

car to reflect the proper AC&F information. I hate to say it, but so many decal sets
for tank car miss this critical point,
And including rptg mks and numbers for the underframe would be nice too.

and modelers screw-up the lettering all the
Guilty as charged, I'm sure.

I personal don't think the lettering is any other color but black on the light tank
color, and I have my doubts if the cars every became all black as the model is before
the Sinclair fleet was sold off to Union Tank Line? There are a bunch of mistakes in
the lettering of the Proto 2k tank cars and this may be just another one of them.You
should have my e-mail if I can be of any further help.

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