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Charles Hostetler

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Let me rephrase that, Why would a car with 41' length overall only be classified as a 34' car. If memory serves me correctly, a car is classified by the inside length of the load carrying area. Most if not all hoppers have sloped end sheets that taper up to the ends of the cars. So why would 7' of the car not be listed? Is that normal?

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Hi Chris,

The other 34' IL hoppers in that list I posted this morning had an OL of 35', a difference of 1' which appears to be typical for hoppers in general. So the G&F cars with a difference of 7' between IL and OL are not like the others in that respect.

This is just a guess, but the ACL and SAL both had open hoppers for carrying wet rock phosphate (and sand). They were rebuilt from regular hoppers with shortened interior and a platform near the top of each end for personnel to stand on. I wonder whether the G&F hoppers might have been of a similar design and use...

I'll send you scans of the G&F ORER pages as soon as I can get back home to my scanner.


Charles Hostetler

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