MIssouri Pacific Historical Society


Hi Folks,

I hope this is of interest to some. The Missouri Pacific Historical
Society's 33rd annual meeting will be in Pueblo this October 10-13. If anyone
is interested in details, drop me an e-mail off list and I will send you
information. We will have 12 speakers this year giving hour-long
presentations on the Missouri Pacific, its subsidiaries and a lot on the Missouri
Pacific and ART in the Pueblo area. We'll also have our first RPM-type event
we're calling MoPac Mania. You do not have to be an MPHS member to attend.

It is not available right now, but our website, _www.mopac.org_
(http://www.mopac.org) , will have the same information eventually.


Jerry Michels
_asychis@aol.com_ (mailto:asychis@aol.com)

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