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Paul and Tony,
I am another who likes to go back and see the hobby when I started(for me
at least). I was going thru the 1948 through 1956 MR's the other night,
with a nice glass of wine, and it is very interesting just what a hot
button issue it was; the plastic vs. metal or wood for rolling stock and
the problem of not enough craftsmanship in building locomotive kits that
didn't need a lathe or other machine tools. When I first read these I was
young and didn't know how to use a lathe....and now I'm old and still don't
know how to use a lathe. And I'm probably the better for it.
Color me a modeler who will never make a mold and cast a resin part from it
but who really enjoys building "stuff"
Fenton Wells
PS there were several articles in the old MR's about casting cerro parts in
cardboard molds, that didn't excite me then as casting resin now doesn't
move me, thank goodness for the people who do however. Thanks

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Your age and wisdom are showing. But I'm a "me too" in this.
Tom VanWormer
Monument CO

Paul Koehler wrote:


I got a chuckle out of your E-Mail, but I think that there are only a
few of
us that are old enough to remember what you are describing.

Paul C. Koehler


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This discussion reminds me of the 1950s, when the emergence of
injection-molded plastic threatened the then-dominance of metal, wood and
cardstock. "There won't be any more craftsmen," was one of the cries
heard. And the emergence of kits that didn't require creating or
some parts yourself? Sacrilege! "Soon there won't be anyone capable of
building anything by themselves." 'Nuff said.

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