Re: end of kits

Paul Doggett <paul.doggett2472@...>

We have the same problem in the UK, younger modellers when you can actually find them and a lot of older ones (the majority) cannot be bothered to build kits let alone scratch build something. Another thing is the amount of good quality ready to run stock in todays colourful liveries, this leads to a lot of modellers running the same stock. Train shows over here are very boring now because of this. Also like yourselves in the states less and less modellers actually remember/model the steam era. We have a lot of preserved railways over this side of the pond which run a lot of steam but only occasionally run a token goods (freight)train which does not even resemble a typical steam era train, or the working of one with picking up and setting out of wagons (cars). This one of the main reasons I model SP circa 1950.
regards to you all Paul Doggett (England)

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