Re: end of kits

Tim O'Connor

One thing I have noticed with RTR is that people who don't build things
now have time to develop weathering and painting skills -- There were some
kids (20's) at the Springfield show with a spectacular collection of
beautifully weathered cars (including many with added open loads). I mean,
if you need a couple dozen cars of one type, would you like to build AND
weather them, or just concentrate on the weathering? There are now many
specialized paints sold specifically for weathering.

Tim O'Connor

Agreed, and there's a model train store on every street corner, right? Tell
us how many stores have closed in the past five years alone.
Brian Ehni

From: geodyssey <>

I consider this subject to be a subset of the "The End of the hobby in near"
argument. I've been hearing variations of that since I started doing
serious modeling in the early 70s. Yet today the variety of hobby products
(including steam era freight cars) is greater than ever, and
inflation-adjusted prices are not out of line with those of 20, 30, or 40
years ago.

Robert Simpson

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