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One thing I have noticed with RTR is that people who don't build things
now have time to develop weathering and painting skills -- There were some
kids (20's) at the Springfield show with a spectacular collection of
beautifully weathered cars (including many with added open loads). I mean,
if you need a couple dozen cars of one type, would you like to build AND
weather them, or just concentrate on the weathering? There are now many
specialized paints sold specifically for weathering.
Is this not the way in, though? They start with weathering, such that they can make 20 cars in the same paint scheme look different. Then they move onto repaints before the weathering stage, to create more variety, then detail changes/upgrades, and finally onto conversions and kits.
Each time they "advance" a stage, they know that they can always finish off the project - a stage many who start by building are reticent about.

Where's the problem, other than in our failure to reach out to interested young modellers?


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