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This discussion reminds me of the 1950s, when the emergence of
injection-molded plastic threatened the then-dominance of metal, wood
cardstock. "There won't be any more craftsmen," was one of the cries
heard. And the emergence of kits that didn't require creating or
some parts yourself? Sacrilege! "Soon there won't be anyone capable of
building anything by themselves." 'Nuff said.

Tony Thompson Editor, Signature Press, Berkeley

This has been an interesting thread. Maybe 30 years ago as a part
of our Monday night round robin group we were working on one of the layouts
and the owner, a good friend, who still comes to my op sessions, had one
of those "hobby shops in a closet" Full of brass, many craftsman kits, and
plenty of blue box kits. The question/joke each month was "What have you
added new to the store?" Several years ago he had one of those
we-buy-collections guys come in and it all went--and there was a lot more than 30 years
ago. I'd bet that many of those wood and stick craftsman kits of yore
occupied the equivalent spaces then as the resin kits of today.
Nothing wrong with that--most manufacturers wouldn't offer kits if only the
5% or so of us who actually build them were the only purchasers--it is
good for all of us.
I've been in the hobby for way more than the 30 years mentioned above, but
no hobby shop in closet. Built lots of the craftsman stuff, scratchbuilt
cars that weren't available--including some that did arrive.--and have built
about a hundred resin cars. This sounds like a lot, but spread over the
last 20 years it isn't. Most are on the railroad, but currently have seven
built and waiting for space on the layout. Have to take an equal number
off--difficult, because I know them all! Sometimes you cheat a little and take
off two and add four--you know what the eventual result is--.So, instead of
being unbuilt in a box in a closet, they are built an on shelves. I have
maybe a dozen resin kits waiting in line.

Jim Dalberg

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