Re: end of kits


But Brian, how many of us who live miles and miles from hobby stores now
have almost unlimited access to everything a person could want or need in
model railroading. I can browse anytime day or night, if one internet store
doesn't have what I want, the rest of the world is open to me to search. I
don't have to travel another 30 miles or place a backorder that may take a
month to fill when the store owner gets enough orders to send them to

I find it much better than the old way when I'd go to a hobby store and
find the Floquil rack half empty, or a stock of one bridge pier. Everyone has
their opinion, but I am truly optimistic that we're living in the best time
ever in the history of model railroading. The sky is not falling and
Timmy isn't in the well. :^),

Jerry Michels

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